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Friends & Lovers

Service Description

Of course, for me being a Libra, the sign of partnerships, this is one of my favorite reports! I chose to offer it here on my website because we all know that our relationships with others is one of the most important aspects for our evolution and growth as a soul. The people in our lives….romantic partners, family, friends, co-workers, etc. provide us with great opportunities in this lifetime to become more aware of ourselves, learn about equality, compromise and empowerment, and to heal karmic patterns from this and previous lifetimes. It answers so many questions for us about what a healthy connection should be and the experiences we may have in any current relationship that we are in. Read more below! The Friends and Lovers report describes the relationship between two people. This can be a romantic, friendship, family, or even business relationship. It describes how each person approaches relationship and what each person will bring to the connection. Is it easy for you to connect emotionally with someone? What traits do you have that influence all your relationships? These are some of the questions that the Friends and Lovers report will answer. It will share how the two people within the partnership will connect or get along with the other, and what role each person plays within the relationship.

  • 15 min
  • 20 US dollars
  • Email

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