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  • Ancestralite Silver Wire

Ancestralite Silver Wire


Ancestralite wrapped in silver wire and Reiki charged with the vibration of Master Number 22, for bring grounded in one's own personal power and focused on confidently moving forward on one's Path, Master Number 33, number of Christ Consciousness and spiritual healing throughout all lifetimes, the planet Pluto's magical powers to dig up and wipe out unpleasant memories, ancestral ties, traumatic experiences, and emotions engraved deep in the subconscious mind, activation and balancing of the Root Chakra to support and foster feelings of safety and security, connection with Earth Mother Gaia and her nurturning energy and therapeutic healing powers, and the energies of Archangel Michael for the severing of cords to the past and Divine Protection. Ancestralite encourages you to let go of the past and be here in the NOW.



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