Soul Healing

Hypnotherapy Healing and Reading


This is a combination of the various services that Colleen provides. In this session she will start by reading the souls energy through the use of various spiritual tools and abilities, including astrology, numerology, divination cards and working with many of the spiritual emissaries of the Light, including angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors of the Light and Star Brothers and Sisters of the Light. She will answer questions that the client may have in this spiritual reading portion of the session.


Colleen will then gather information from the client, in a counseling type of atmosphere, which will be helpful in discovering the area of the clients life that should be focused on for the healing portion of the session. This healing will utilize the use of long-distance Reiki healing, along with guided meditation and visualization, and hypnotherapy techniques. Colleen works closely with the Reiki Masters and the Healers of the Highest Vibration of Light to bring about the healing that is in the clients Highest and Best Interest at the time of the session.


This combination of techniques, along with the messages and information that Colleen receives from her spiritual guides and teachers of the Light, provides a very powerful, positive and life-changing shift of energy and healing for the individual.

The Sacred Soul Hypnotherapy Healing and Reading Combination session is quite powerful and affects the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level of the individual. It can assist, balance, release and heal almost any aspect of an individuals life.


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3 Hour Session: $240.00

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Hypnotherapy Healing


Hypnosis is a powerful tool used to create major positive life changes. With the use of hypnosis we have access to the conscious and subconscious mind.and even to the souls Higher Soul Self. From that vantage point, phenomenal change can occur.

Ever since birth, and even while in the womb, we were being influenced by everyone and everything around us. As a result, the messages we received, directly and indirectly, found their way into our subconscious, forming positive and negative beliefs about ourselves and our lives.


Hypnotherapy takes us to the root cause or source of any false beliefs, whether they originated in this lifetime or a past lifetime. From this place, we can reframe these false beliefs and bring lasting positive change to the individual.where negative thoughts or patterns can be discarded.where old vows or contracts can be released¦.where traumas can be healed.and where new belief systems can be instilled, positive doctrines reinforced, and a new philosophy for life developed.

The benefits of hypnosis are many, but some of the areas where lasting healing can take place are: Alleviating depression or anxiety, Increasing your self-esteem, Developing your psychic abilities, Healing relationship patterns, Discovering your Life Purpose, Releasing negative patterns or phobias, Removing physical imprints, negative memories, and attachments from past lives, Increasing your positive health and well-being by integrating body, mind and spirit.


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2 Hour Session: $180.00

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