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Solar Return

Service Description

I love this astrological report and chose to offer it on my website because it gives you very detailed information and guidance about your birthday year ahead! I feel that a person’s birthday is the most special day of the year because it is when your soul chose to come in and incarnate in this lifetime. This report is tailored just for you every year based on your special day, and each year you get new information that will assist you as you move forward in your birthday year ahead! I find it to be a very valuable report to have on a year to year basis! Read more below! The Solar Return reports gives you valuable information regarding your birthday year ahead. It is based on the exact time, each year on your birthday, when the Sun in your chart returns to the degree and minute it was at during the time of your birth. This report gives you the planetary influences that your soul is operating under for that particular year. It will describe what areas in your life are the focus for your birthday year, and how to maneuver challenges, as well as take advantage of the opportunities.

  • 15 min
  • 20 US dollars
  • Email

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