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Numerology For Self-Discovery: Level 1

Service Description

Have you ever wondered what might be unique about your life? What your gifts and talents are? What it is you are supposed to be doing in this life? Would you like some yearly guidance on what energies you supposed to be focused on? Are you aware that your date of birth and birth name can tell a story about who you are that can answer these questions and more? We are in changing times with many changes and re-directions happening on the planet and within us! Knowing ourselves is the best gift we can give ourselves as we continue our evolutionary growth. The sciences of numerology can give us valuable information into our soul’s gifts, talents, challenges and purpose. In this workshop we will discuss the numbers 1-9 (and how they relate to our alphabet), the Master numbers and Karmic numbers and their keywords. We will focus on the four core numbers in a numerology chart and how they describe who we are and the mission we are here to fulfill.

  • Started Apr 2
  • 80 US dollars
  • Zoom

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