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Cord Cutting & Releasing Past Life Vows

Phone or Zoom

Service Description

We all develop energetic cords to people, situations, places and things. Sometimes these cords are developed in the current life time, and sometimes they are created from past life time circumstances where there has been emotional trauma, situational challenges, karmic lessons and difficult relationships. These cords hinder our ability to be fully present in our own energy. It can usurp our life force, create a codependency, and make it difficult to concentrate, among other things. These energetic cords can be pulled, released and transmuted to free the individual from these connections and old stories that we carry in the etheric field. Past life vows and contracts are defined was oaths, promises, pledges, commitments, declarations or decisions that you made in this and past lifetimes regarding a specific situation or event. These vows and contracts are often outdated and can be limiting to the present lifetime that you are living, but you continue to experience them in your etheric field until you consciously revoke them. For instance, one might have made a vow to never leave another individual and therefore their souls come together again and again, possibly repeating the same negative patterns. Or, a person may have made a vow to a religious institution, the military or to their country. These contracts are no longer beneficial in the soul’s current lifetime experience and can hinder them in moving forward. Releasing these vows and contracts can assist the individual in gaining control of their life and progressing or advancing in their evolutionary growth. When booking your session our intake form will have the following options to choose from. Phone: I will call you at the time of your session. Zoom: You can join me through the link in your confirmation email. Questions: If you have any specific questions, please enter them into the intake form.

  • 1 hour
  • 120 US dollars
  • Phone or Zoom

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