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Astrology 3 - The Planets

Service Description

Astrology is an ancient and esoteric science that can assist and guide an individual through self-growth and evolution. It is a study of the planets and where they are in the sky at any given moment in time. Through looking at a person’s date, time and place of birth we can explore and uncover important knowledge and information. It is truly a journey of self-discovery. This class continues the journey of our Self Enlightenment from what we learned in Astrology for Self-Discovery: Part II – The Planets & Houses. In this class we will look at the connection that the planets make to one another in a person’s birth chart, called Aspects, which gives us further information into the person’s personality, challenges, and Life Path. We will also learn what it means when a planet, in its current placement in a constellation of the zodiac, connects with one of your natal planets in the birth chart. This is called a Transit and is how we learn to understand what energies will be experienced at any particular time in a person’s life. The classes will be recorded and a link sent after each class so you can watch it again as needed. Prerequisites: Astrology 1 - The Basics and Astrology 2 - The Houses

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