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  • Throat Chakra Elixir

Throat Chakra Elixir

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  • For Centuries Flowers, Plants, Gems Stones, Essential Oils and Sound have been used in Sacred Ceremony to nourish our Body, Mind, and Soul. Our vibrational healing remedies are created using our own unique 5 step process. These magical elixirs work by subtly enhancing and shifting your energy field to assist you in returning to your natural state of balance and harmony. 


    Sacred Souls Throat Chakra Elixirs are charged with the energies of the Full Moon and Sun for three days. The gemstone essence of Turquoise, Sodalite, Blue Kyanite, Blue Apatite, and Angelite are infused into distilled water and then immersed with the Positive Frequencies of 741 Hz, 528 Hz, and 432 Hz. Next, we add the flower essences of Scarlet Monkeyflower, Yarrow, and Lotus for their vibrational healing. Then, we infuse the elixir with special intentions using Reiki during meditation, calling in the healing qualities of the Hindu God Budha, the energy of planet Mercury, the number 5, the element Ether, and the vibration of the color blue.   


    Sacred Souls Elixirs are vibrational remedies that will assist you in connecting with your etheric, astral, and spiritual bodies. They will help to improve the frequency of your energetic life force and assist in the balancing of your aura. The Throat Chakra Elixir will assist you in speaking your truth, purifying your mind and thoughts, and support the balance of logic and intuition. It will support telepathic communication, connection to your inner guidance, and sharing deep feelings and insights. 


    The 7 chakras constitute the energy centers of the body. These energy centers maintain a harmonious balance that preserves and restores overall health. In Sanskrit, the Throat Chakra is called Vishuddha and translates to “especially pure.” It is the fifth chakra and located at the base of the throat, at the center of the Larynx.  


    The energy element of this chakra is effective communication, inspiration, and expression. The Throat Chakra establishes a strong connection to both verbal and body language. It restores the energy by detoxifying the impurities from the body and mind.  


    When the Throat Chakra is balanced, we speak, listen, and express ourselves openly and authentically. Clear communication becomes second nature. We find that the ability to communicate our boundaries, feelings, and thoughts comes effortlessly. 


    When the Throat Chakra is unbalanced, communication breaks down. We refuse to listen to our inner Self and to others. Others are unable to understand us and feelings of loneliness surround us.  


    A healthy Throat Chakra gives voice to our heart chakra allowing us to communicate our personal power. It allows us to express ourselves truly and clearly giving us the ability to give and receive love from others and ourselves. Our ears remain open to the truth when spoken by an external voice. We don’t live in denial, insisting that our version of reality must be true! 


    Positive Affirmations


    I speak my truth freely and openly. Being honest will free me from my current situations. I am responsible for expressing myself clearly and honestly. I am safe and trust others to allow me to express myself truthfully.  My voice is clear and powerful. I have access to my Higher Self for guidance and support. I am open to receiving messages from my angels. I confidently express my creative ideas. I am honest and authentic in my speech and actions. 

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