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  • Sonora Sunrise/Sunset Chrysocolla Silver-Wrapped

Sonora Sunrise/Sunset Chrysocolla Silver-Wrapped


Beautiful Sonora Sunrise/Sunset Chrysocolla wrapped in gold wire infused with the qualities of the number 8, number of empowerment, willpower and the courage to move through the challenges of life,  the qualities of the sign Sagittarius, sign of hope, freedom and the ability to change one’s routine to move towards accomplishing one’s goals in life, the energies of the planet Pluto to encourage one to explore the highest hidden knowledge of the inner self and manifest transformation on one’s Life Path, and activation of the Root Chakra for security, Sacral Chakra for passion, and Throat Chakra for speaking one’s truth. This stone offers a strong connection between the inner and outer self along with the energies of the cosmos, and promotes the spiritual power to awaken the hidden talents of the self.

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