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  • Crown Chakra Elixir

Crown Chakra Elixir

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  • For Centuries Flowers, Plants, Gems Stones, Essential Oils and Sound have been used in Sacred Ceremony to nourish our Body, Mind and Soul. Our vibrational remedies are created using our own unique 5 step process. These magical elixirs work by subtly enhancing and shifting your energy field to assist you in returning to your natural state of balance and harmony. 


    Sacred Souls Crown Chakra Elixirs are charged with the energies of the Full Moon and Sun for three days. The gemstone essence of Amethyst, Selenite, Sugilite, Charoite, and Clear Quartz are infused into distilled water and then immersed with the Positive Frequencies of 963Hz, 528Hz, and 432 Hz. Next, we add the flower essences of Star Tulip, Yarrow, and Lotus for their vibrational healing. Then, we infuse the elixir with special intentions using Reiki during meditation and call in the energies of the Hindu God Shiva, the energy of planet Jupiter, the number 9, the element of Thought, and the vibration of the color Violet. 


    Sacred Souls Elixirs are vibrational remedies that will assist you in connecting with your etheric, astral, and spiritual bodies. They will help to improve the frequency of your energetic life force and assist in the balancing of your aura. The Crown Chakra Elixir will open you to your soul’s truth of unconditional love, compassion, gratitude, and higher states of consciousness. It will increase your receptivity to spiritual guidance, the angelic realm, and connection to your true inner voice. 


    The 7 chakras constitute the energy centers of the body. These energy centers maintain a harmonious balance that preserves and restores overall health. In Sanskrit, the Crown Chakra is called Sahasrara and translates to “the thousand petal lotus.” It is the seventh chakra and located at the crown of the head. 


    The Crown Chakra is the center of spirituality, enlightenment, dynamic thought, and energy. It allows for the inward flow of wisdom, brings the gift of cosmic consciousness and our connection to the divine. It is the meeting point between your physical body and where individual consciousness meets a higher state of universal consciousness. Through your crown chakra you can experience spiritual growth and connection with the universe. 


    When the Crown Chakra is balanced, we have a stronger spiritual connection to our higher selves. We experience inspiration, devotion, spiritual growth and commit to each action with joy and love. 


    When the Crown Chakra is unbalanced, we may experience feeling superior, disillusionment, boredom, melancholy, and restlessness. We may feel a sense of frustration, have no spark of joy, and experience destructive feelings. 


    A healthy Crown Chakra creates a more positive outlook on life. There are visible changes in our habits and attitude. The Self is no longer ruled by the ego. Emotions like gratitude, compassion, and acceptance become our true Self.   


    Positive Affirmations


    I am Divine. I trust my guidance. I seek the Divine in everyone. My spiritual insight is clear. I honor everyone and everything. I accept the unfolding of life. I trust and have faith that I am Divinely guided. I surrender to Divine timing. I am open to be of service to humanity. I honor the Divine within me. I am connected to my Higher Self. I tap into my inner wisdom. Everything that I seek is within me. I am open to the infinite possibilities of the Universe. I am One with All That Is. 

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