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  • Pink Tourmaline Silver-Wrapped

Pink Tourmaline Silver-Wrapped


Beautiful Pink Tourmaline wrapped in silver with the vibration of the number nine, number of healing, completion and the release of old situations, the energies of Pisces for unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness towards one's past in order to move forward, Neptune, planet of trust, faith, and facilitation of the connection back to your soul purpose, Chiron, planet to assist in healing old past life relationship wounds, the merging and balancing of the heart chakra and crown chakra to infuse love and spirituality, and the energies of Archangel Azriel who brings assistance in the grieving process of old circumstances and relationships, and Archangel Chamuel to assist with bringing in one's soulmate and/or healing situations in a current soulmate relationship. 




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