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  • Peacock Ore Pendant Gold-Wrapped

Peacock Ore Pendant Gold-Wrapped

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Beautiful Peacock Ore wrapped in Gold and Reiki charged with the vibration of the number 3, number of joy, happiness, creativity and expansion, and Master Number 11, number of the Light Worker and the Visionary, the energies of Sagittarius, sign of inspiration, freedom, enthusiasm and adventure, the planet Jupiter, to expand one's vision into new and beautiful horizons, the opening and balancing of the solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, and throat chakra for confidence, empowerment, unconditional love of self and others, and speaking one’s truth in a compassionate and authentic way, and the energies of Archangel Jophiel, Archangel of seeing the beauty in everything and in every moment, and Goddess Lakshmi, to help lead one in a positive direction towards infinite blessings and various forms of abundance.

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