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  • Third Eye Chakra Elixir
  • Third Eye Chakra Elixir

Third Eye Chakra Elixir

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  • For Centuries Flowers, Plants, Gems Stones, Essential Oils and Sound have been used in Sacred Ceremony to nourish our Body, Mind and Soul. Our vibrational healing remedies are created using our own unique 5 step process. These magical elixirs work by subtly enhancing and shifting your energy field to assist you in returning to your natural state of balance and harmony. 


    Sacred Souls Third Eye Chakra Elixirs are charged with the energies of the Full Moon and Sun for three days. First the essence of the gemstones Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Iolite, Labradorite, Celestite are infused into spring water and then immersed with the Positive Frequencies of 852 Hz, 528 Hz, and 432 Hz. Next, we add the flower essences of Mugwort, Yarrow, and Lotus for their vibrational healing. Then, we infuse the elixir with special intentions using Reiki during meditation, calling in the Hindu Goddess Parvati, the energy of planet Moon, the number 7, the element of Light, and the vibration of the color Indigo. 


    Sacred Souls Elixirs are vibrational remedies that will assist you in connecting with your etheric, astral, and spiritual bodies. They will help to improve the frequency of your energetic life force and assist in the balancing of your aura. The Third Eye Chakra Elixir will open your third eye, expand your psychic abilities and connect you to your inner wisdom. It will increase your ability to connect to the angelic realm, astral travel, go on shamanic journeys and work with your past lives.   


    The 7 chakras constitute the energy centers of the body. These energy centers maintain a harmonious balance that preserves and restores overall health. In Sanskrit, the Third Eye Chakra is called Ajna and translates to “beyond wisdom.” It is the Sixth Chakra and located between the eyebrows.  


    The Third Eye Chakra establishes a connection with the external world through inner vision. It is the center of perception, consciousness, intuition and is infused with supreme knowledge and wisdom. It is the focal point of concentration during asana or meditation practices. 


    When the Third Eye Chakra is balanced, it increases consciousness and transcends to a higher realm. We feel calm, insightful, and self-aware. We may also experience psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, lucid dreaming, expanded imagination, and visualization. 


    When Third Eye Chakra is out of balance, we have difficulty seeing the bigger picture and making decisions. Other aspects that may manifest are indecisiveness, confusion, lack of focus and purpose, or depression. The struggle to reach your goals becomes even more difficult with the energy of self-doubt and narrow-mindedness. 


    A healthy Third Eye Chakra facilitates spiritual insights and the Activation of Prana, or Divine Energy, in the other parts of the body. It gives us the ability to observe auras, chakras, and spiritual entities around us. It also increases our intuition, telepathic and psychic abilities. 


    Positive Affirmations:  


    I am in touch with my inner guidance. I listen to my deepest wisdom. I am wise, intuitive, and connected to my Higher Self. I listen to the wisdom of the Elders. I trust my intuition. I am connected to the wisdom of the Universe. I am the source of truth. I am at peace. I always trust my intuition. Every situation is an opportunity for growth. I seek to understand and learn from my life experiences. I am able to see and act in alignment with my Divine Purpose. 

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