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  • Sacral Chakra Elixir

Sacral Chakra Elixir

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  • For Centuries Flowers, Plants, Gems Stones, Essential Oils and Sound have been used in Sacred Ceremony to nourish our Body, Mind and Soul. Our vibrational remedies are created using our own unique 5 step process. These magical elixirs work by subtly enhancing and shifting your energy field to assist you in returning to your natural state of balance and harmony. 


    Sacred Souls Sacral Chakra Elixirs are charged with the energies of the Full Moon and Sun for three days. The gemstone essence of Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Orange Aventurine, Amber, and Goldstone are infused into spring water and then immersed with the Positive Frequencies of 417 Hz, 528 Hz and 432 Hz. Next, we add the flower essences of Hibiscus, Yarrow and Lotus for their vibrational healing. Then, we infuse the elixir with special intentions using Reiki during meditation, calling in the Hindu Gods Vishnu and Angaraka, the energy of planet Mars, the number 3, the element Water, and the vibration of the color Orange. 


    Sacred Souls Elixirs are vibrational remedies that will assist you in connecting with your etheric, astral and spiritual bodies. They will help to improve the frequency of your energetic life force and assist in the balancing of your aura. The Sacral Chakra Elixir will stimulate your creative self-expression and passion for life. It supports a healthy energy of sensuality and sexuality and will support you in the feelings of joy, happiness, motivation and vitality. 


    The 7 chakras constitute the energy centers of the body. These energy centers maintain a harmonious balance that preserves and restores overall health. In Sanskrit the Sacral Chaka is called Svadhishthana and translates to “dwelling place of the self.” It is the second chakra and located four fingers below the naval. It radiates the color orange and represents the element water. 


    The Sacral Chakra symbolizes creative potential, the ability to harbor fulfilling relationships, as well as our sexual energy. Suppressing such vital energy or obsessing over negative thoughts and patterns causes blockages. This chakra releases a person from controlling behavior and fear of abandonment.  


    When the Sacral Chakra is balanced, it allows for feelings of creativity, playfulness, personal fulfillment and having intimacy in relationships. We radiate warmth and feel playful, desirable, and free to express ourselves. 


    When the Sacral Chakra is unbalanced, it can lead to addictive and compulsive behaviors, lack of creativity, sexual dysfunction, shame, fear of change, emotional instability and indulging in negative relationships.   


    A healthy Sacral Chakra creates an empowered, confident individual with feelings of abundance, creativity and pleasure. It is the foundation of a healthy ego. The Sacral Chakra enables us to participate with the world on our terms and be ourselves around different people and situations.  


    Positive Affirmations 


    I have boundaries that protect me. I am passionate. I am a creative being. I feel safe expressing my sexual self in fun, creative, and healthy ways. I attract relationships with loving, good people who will support me. I embrace change and make the best of my future. Every day, I experience more joy and satisfaction. I flow with inspiration and creativity. My body is vibrant, and I am comfortable inside it. I deserve to experience pleasure and have my needs met. 


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