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  • Capricorn Zodiac Elixir

Capricorn Zodiac Elixir

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  • For Centuries Flowers, Plants, Gems Stones, Essential Oils and Sound have been used in Sacred Ceremony to nourish our Body, Mind and Soul. Our vibrational remedies are created using our own unique 5 step process. These magical elixirs work by subtly enhancing and shifting your energy field to assist you in returning to your natural state of balance and harmony. 


    Sacred Souls Capricorn Zodiac Elixirs are charged with the energies of the Full Moon and Sun for three days. The gemstone essence of the Garnet Birthstone is infused into distilledwater and then immersed with the Positive Frequencies of 528 and 432 Hz. Next, we add the flower essences of Tansy, Yarrow and Lotus for their vibrational healing. Then, we infuse the elixir with special intentions using Reiki during meditation and call in the energies of the Goddesses & Gods Eir, Scâthach, Pan, Bragi, Lord Shiva, energies of Capricorn, birthstone Garnet, planet Saturn, keywords of the tenth house of the zodiac, the Earth element, the number 8, the vibration of the color Grey, and the Native American Totem Goose. 


    Sacred Souls Elixirs are vibrational remedies that will assist you in connecting with your etheric, astral and spiritual bodies. They will help to improve the frequency of your energetic life force and assist in the balancing of your aura. The Capricorn Zodiac Elixir will support you in finding your inner authority, executive and leadership ability, and right judgement especially in business and career. It supports practicality, hard work, perseverance, and patience to manifest one’s goals.    


    Positive Affirmation 


    I embody the Wisdom of the Universe. Self-realization is a part of my Path. Divine wisdom and understanding are with me now. My career is fulfilling. I work steadily towards my goals. 


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