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  • Aquarius Zodiac Spray

Aquarius Zodiac Spray

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  • Sacred Souls Aquarius Zodiac Sprays are charged with the energies of the Full Moon and Sun for three days. The gemstone essence of the Amethyst Birthstone is infused into spring water and then immersed with the Positive Frequencies of 528 and 432 Hz. Next, we infuse the spray with special intentions using Reiki during meditation, calling in the healing qualities of the Goddesses & Gods Idun, Airmid, Dellingr, Prometheus, Labha Bhava, energies of Uranus, the number 11, the air element, the vibration of the color electric blue, and the Native American Totem Otter. 


    For Centuries Flowers, Plants, Gems Stones and Essential Oils have been used in Astrology to nourish our Body, Mind and Soul. This magical spray works by subtly shifting or enhancing your own energy field with the healing vibration of Aquarius.  

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