Monthly Intuitive Astrology Reading for January 2021

Updated: Jan 18

January is a 6 Universal Month vibration suggesting a focus on home, family, and a balance of our inner emotional world with our external career world.

January is a 6 Universal Month vibration suggesting a focus on home, family, and a balance of our inner emotional world with our external career world. There is also a need for balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies this month, both internally and externally. The 6th Major Arcana is the Lovers.This suggests a focus in January on our relationships. We are seeking balance and harmony, or perhaps a need to work through previous challenges. We may need to make some decisions this month regarding our partnerships with others. The astrological highlights this month are: January 6th - Mars, planet of energy and action, is moving into steadfast Taurus. He will be in this practical and grounded sign until March 3rd. This will slow things down as we take things step by step with patience. Movement may be slower but changes can be more long lasting. January 8th - Mercury, the Messenger, will move into Aquarius until March 15th. Mercury rules our thoughts, perceptions and communications, and in Aquarius will be a Divine Channel of information and messages. New ideas and working with groups of like minded people are highlighted now. Also on January 8th we have Venus, ruler of partnerships and personal resources, shifting into Capricorn where she will be until February 1st. Venus is much more goal oriented and ambitious in this sign. She will be more practical and business like in relationships and more cautious and practical in money matters. January 12th/13th - We have a New Moon at 23 degrees Capricorn. This is about a tangible new beginning on our Path forward, possibly in career matters. This New Moon connects with Pluto, the Transformer, bringing in a sense of empowerment and transformation to situations and events. January 14th - Uranus, the Great Awakener, turns to Direct Motion at 6 degrees Taurus. As he slows down the first half of the month his energies of freedom, change, and redirection are strong. We might expect some surprising or unusual circumstances to take place or unfold at this time. January 19th - The Sun enters Aquarius, joining Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in this sign of the Water Bearer. There is a big focus on humanitarian endeavors now and networking with others for the betterment of the collective. January 28th - There is a Full Moon at 9 degrees Leo. This lunation is opposing the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius. This will bring an expansion of creative mental energies in various situations of our lives. January 30th - Mercury, ruler of the mental realm, turns to retrograde motion at 26 degrees of Aquarius. He moves into his shadow on January 15th so we will already have experienced some of the typical Mercury Retrograde energies. However, this Mercury Retrograde also brings an extended period of time where new ideas and possibilities will be presented to us. The message from our angels and guides shows that we start this new year off with a focus on Ascension on a personal as well as a collective level. We are making a jump from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension and higher. There has been a completion of a cycle of energy and an initiation of a new cycle as of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on December 21st, 2020. This is a turning point for humanity, although we have only just begun with the changes that lie ahead on a collective level. We are seeking information and answers now. Some of these messages may be of a spiritual nature from our guides, but they are also of a practical nature in the every day aspects of our lives of career, money, home, family, etc. There is an expansion that is taking place on a spiritual level. Creative potential and possibilities for new birth, abundance and blessings are in the works. The magic lies within us and if we allow ourselves to be a Divine Channel for this creative energy and potential then great things can happen.

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