Intuitive Readings

Colleen Lemma’s readings can be done via e-mail, phone (United States, Canada, and Mexico), or Skype (anywhere in the world). For all of her readings, healing sessions, and guidance sessions she uses a wide variety of spiritual “tools” to gather and intuit information for the client: Astrology, Numerology, Angel and Divination Cards, and messages from the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, Otherworldly Brothers and Sisters of the Light, and Healers of the Light. By using these various spiritual gifts and loving connections, it gives more complete and detailed information and guidance to the client. Colleen’s goal is to empower the client on their Soul’s Path so that the highest form of expression for that soul is attained.​


      E-mail Readings


     1 Question: $45.00

     2 Question: $70.00

     3 Question: $90.00

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     Audio Readings


     1 Question: 15 Minutes: $50.00

     2 Question: 30 Minutes: $75.00

     3 Questionl: 45 Minutes: $95.00

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    Phone or Skype Readings


     15 Minute: $40.00

     30 Minute: $70.00

     45 Minute: $95.00

     60 Minute: $120.00


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